swara plains


Home to the Hopcraft family since Independence, Swara Plains provides immense views with big skies that are so much a part of the high Savannah. Both Mount Kenya to the north and Kilimanjaro to the south are visible from the sanctuary. There is a perimeter fence line of over 50 kilometers for security and some 100 kilometers of roads.

Xan Hopcraft with their cheetah, Dooms

Swara Plains is also home to the award-winning children's bestseller HOW IT WAS WITH DOOMS turned movie, 'Duma'. A Warner Bros feature film based on the Hopcraft's true story of adopting an orphaned Cheetah cub, Dooms.  

A cheetah in the shade.

The Hopcrafts have an unequivocal love and dedication to preserving the landscape, wildlife, and flora of the Swara Plains, un-matched to the rest of the world.

More than 100 kilometers of murram roads on the ranch.

Professor David Hopcraft, a conservationist, began experiments on Swara Plains with the support of Cornell University and the National Science Foundation, to understand the relationship between wildlife and healthy rangelands. Dedicated to preserving 20,000 undeveloped acres, David pioneered an incentive-based conservation, leading to it's widespread use in Kenya. Come to Swara Plains Acacia camp and absorb the unique history of Swara Plains and this majestic slice of Wild Africa, just 60 minutes outside Nairobi!

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