swara plains


Over 3,000 game animals call the Swara Plains Sanctuary their home.  Here the vigilant observer can catch a glimpse of the elusive Cheetah; resting in the shade of the Acacia tree or scouting the plains for its next meal. Here the herds of Wildebeest and Zebra graze seamlessly across the plains while  Giraffe watch as Ostriches run races through the bush. Here the powerful Lion's roar and the wily Hyena's laugh echoes across the plains beneath the beckoning starlit sky.  Here is  a place where the wildlife roam freely, here on the Swara Plains.

Bring your binoculars as there is plenty of wildlife and birds to see.  Night game drives can be arranged with a spotlight for Bush Baby, Hyena, Cheetah and many more sightings. 

swara plains nature view kapiti kenya
A Duiker is set free on the ranch.

Over 100 Giraffes on the ranch.

swara plains savannah kapiti kenya
Great game viewing opportunities.

Marabou Storks